About Us

Hello! We’re the Keerins’ and the owner/operators of Rural Roots Ranch. Our ranch over looks southeastern Oregon’s beautiful high desert with Steens Mountain in the background. We strive to raise all natural and healthy beef, pork and poultry for our table as well as yours. Our animals are treated humanely and without the addition of growth hormones or antibiotics.

The Aberdeen Angus cattle we raise, graze on high desert native vegetation and our certified organic hay fields providing you with lean, tender, delicious grass-finished beef. 

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs thrive off of pasture and are only supplemented with enough non-GMO grain to provide them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and active.  In the winter, when pasture is scarce, they enjoy our sun-enriched organic alfalfa hay.

The meat birds and turkeys enjoy locally milled non-GMO feed and plenty of space to grow. 

The Keerins family and Rural Roots Ranch would love provide nourishing food from our pastures to your plate!

When we are not busy farming or chasing kids, we love to visit about our ranch and products. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Keerins Family

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