Into the Pot!

In September and the first part of October, we acquired our flock of laying hens. They are quite the hodgepodge of breeds.  Or you could call them a nice barnyard mix. 🙂  We have an Easter Egger, Silkie, Barred Rock, Barnyard mix, 3 Cinnamon Queens, 2 Welsumers, and 6 Speckled Sussex. We prefer to raise WhiteContinue reading “Into the Pot!”

Gram’s Potato Salad

There are several recipes I have picked up from my mother that I have not yet found one that can rival it.  Her potato salad is one of them.  Today, I took the time to measure out how much I put in for the ingredients.  I’m the toss it in type.  I rarely measure.  AndContinue reading “Gram’s Potato Salad”

November Meal Plan

For those of you who like to meal plan, here is what my November meals will look like. My family likes big breakfasts and don’t like to experiment much on new recipes.  So you will find eventually that a lot of our meals are similar.  But, for now, I’m going to try a bunch ofContinue reading “November Meal Plan”

Happiness and Life in a Box

Happiness and life arrived at our house this morning with a phone call at 6:55 am!  Cute little fuzzy chicks from McMurray Hatchery. These little gals and a couple guys will start our laying flock next spring. Unfortunately, we had several pass away due to cold weather arriving a little earlier than anticipated.  But thoseContinue reading “Happiness and Life in a Box”

Bringing Home Blueberries Instead of a Moose

We spent the first two weeks of August off the Elliot Highway near Fairbanks, Alaska trying to hunt down a moose. Both boys were fortunate enough to draw tags for a Youth Hunt.  But due to usually wet weather, the moose were not down low in the valleys. The extra rain made it impossible toContinue reading “Bringing Home Blueberries Instead of a Moose”

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